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Most people assume that since the Fourth Amendment to the U.S. Constitution prevents “unreasonable search and seizure,” they are protected against having their person or property searched without a warrant. That assumption is wrong, however, and Washington law enforcement has been heavily relying on a 1971 law designed to ferret out organized criminals to gather […]

Oregon is ahead of Washington when it comes to using DNA evidence to prosecute non-violent crimes. While burglary and theft are relatively common crimes, the expense of collecting DNA evidence has made it difficult for some police departments in Washington to use DNA evidence for lower-priority offenses. Non-violent crimes make up about 80 percent of […]

Vancouver has a prosecution center that is solely focused on prosecuting people accused of committing any form of domestic violence. In their quest to aggressively tackle domestic violence crime, many innocent people can find their lives turned upside down. Domestic violence has attracted more attention over the last several years and this has led to […]

Celebrities are coming together to make a public service announcement campaign to raise awareness for victims of domestic violence. Mariska Hargitay, of Law and Order: Special Victims Unit fame, has a new project that is gaining media attention. This project focuses on helping victims, many of whom could have personal stories tragic enough to read […]

For those facing charges for domestic violence in Washington, it is helpful to understand how such allegations are carried out in the legal system. In Washington, domestic violence is fervently prosecuted. Moreover, multiple charges can evolve from just one incident, creating serious and lengthy consequences. As a result, it is important that the accused be […]

New legislation in Washington could permit adult residents to grow marijuana for personal use and possess larger amounts of usable marijuana. Although recreational marijuana is legal in Washington, residents and visitors still face significant restrictions regarding use and possession of the substance. People in the state can face criminal charges for carrying too much marijuana […]

Law enforcement focusing efforts on reducing drugged drivers under the influence of marijuana. Washington voters legalized the use of marijuana in 2012. When the measure was approved, some law enforcement agencies expressed concern over the increase of motorists who may use the drug before getting behind the wheel. They felt that legalizing the drug gave […]

In early October, a pickup truck over-corrected when exiting an interstate in Washington. According to NBC Right Now, the driver of the truck was taken to a nearby hospital for the injuries he incurred. His passenger, however, was thrown from the vehicle and died. Due to the circumstances of the incident, Washington State Patrol noted […]

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