Drunk Driving / DUI Criminal Defense

Drunk driving, also known as driving under the influence (DUI), cases can be surprisingly technical. Issues that may arise include breath tests not being prepared correctly at the toxicology lab, improper calibration of Breathalyzers and more.

In Vancouver, WA we know exactly how to pinpoint the issues that the prosecution might overlook. We know because our lead attorneys are former criminal prosecutors. That means we know how the opposition handles cases and can often anticipate their legal tactics.

The Consequences Of A DUI Conviction

Some of the consequences of a DUI conviction are obvious. Your driver’s license may be suspended, and you may face jail time or large fines. Felony DUI charges are even more serious.

Other costs of a conviction for drinking and driving are hidden. They include the thousands of dollars that you may have to spend on an ignition interlock system, alcohol treatment classes, increased insurance rates and more. Learn more about DUI Penalties in Washington.

Defending Your Driver’s License After A DUI

If you are accused of DUI, you will actually have two different cases. The first is the driver’s license suspension hearing. This is a civil proceeding handled by the Department of Licensing (DOL).

Our lawyers are available to stand by your side during your DOL hearing. We will put our experience to work to help you keep your driver’s license. Learn more about driver’s license suspension.

Defending A Criminal DUI Case

The second case is the actual criminal DUI case. The criminal court system handles this phase.

Our DUI defense team will carefully investigate every aspect of your case to look for opportunities to obtain a positive outcome. We take a team approach in these cases. Therefore, you get the benefit of several people working to enforce your rights and protect your future.

Whether this is your first offense or you have been convicted of DUI/DWI before, we are ready to provide you with the criminal defense you need. In some cases, this will mean challenging your breath test or field sobriety test. In other cases, it will mean finding alternative sentencing options to keep you out of jail.

How Can The Police Prove A DUI?

There are a number of different ways the prosecution can seek to prove a DUI. If alcohol is alleged to be involved, the prosecution will initially determine whether the arresting officer obtained a breath sample result from an approved breath testing machine. If so, they will most assuredly seek to introduce that as evidence of your guilt. In Washington, a blood alcohol concentration (BAC) result over 0.08 g/mL is per se evidence of guilt for DUI. If, however, there is no BAC result due to a refusal or other reason, the prosecution will seek to show that, at the time of driving, you were appreciably affected by intoxicants.

In marijuana DUI cases, police will often attempt to get a warrant to obtain a blood sample. A blood result of 5 ng/mL or higher is per se evidence of guilt of driving under the influence of marijuana. Additionally, as in all other drug-related DUI cases, the prosecution can also seek to show that you were appreciably affected by drugs at the time of driving.

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